Brawl star: Get the best of the brawlers

The gamers world is something that takes amazing turn day by day with the advancement of technology. These days people are surrounded by things that has made them more dependent on technology, not only for the major aspects of life like mailing, worksheet etc. but also in the aspect of entertainment as well. That’s why we mentioned about the gamer’s world in the first place. What comes in your mind in the first place when it comes to games. Yeah, a few years back it would’ve been Nintendo, play stations etc. But now what people think at first as a media of quality gaming is an android phone. Today we here to tell you about a game that has gained a great amount of popularity among the online gamers and that is Brawl star. We all know about the world famous android game clash of the clan that had more than five hundred million download worldwide and anyone will admit that it is surely a great number for any game. This game also is a creation of the same game developer Super Cell. This game is so much appreciated by the gamers these days that they are ready to spend real money in the game that are used for purchasing relevant items required for the game. Like all the other games there are several aspects that need to be focused with a view to get ease on the game. Basically, we are talking about the techniques and tactics that used for playing the game that includes attaining gems and unlocking legendary brawlers. In Brawlstars unlock brawlers are really important as a tactic as it is considered as the most unique one. Those who doesn’t know about the game Brawl stars, for them to be known that Brawlers are the playable characters within the game. Some more of the basic reasons why brawlers important to be unlocked are–

  • Getting the rare brawlers: A lot of the brawlers are quite hard to unlock as they are rare at the same time. For obvious reason they have their own uniqueness as well.
  • Getting the best of the brawlers: For obvious reasons any player would like to play with the best of the brawlers in the game. But for getting them you need to unlock them first. But after unlocking you should be choosing the right brawlers carefully as they are going to serve you in your required manner.
  • Fighting: Brawlers are mainly used for fighting in the game. So, for getting the best facility in that aspect you better unlock the brawlers you need.

There are several categories of brawlers that you will encounter with the game. Let’s have a glance over them.

  1. Common Brawlers: You will get some common brawlers with average performance level and they are Bo, Bruck, shelly, Nita, Jessie etc.
  2. Rare Brawlers: Here you will meet Barley, El Primo and Poco
  3. Super Rate Brawlers: The three brawlers that you will see over here are Darryl, Penny and Ricochet.
  4. Epic Brawlers: Here you will find Frank, Pam and Piper.
  5. Mythic Brawlers: Moris and Tara the only over here.
  6. Legendary Brawlers: From the name you can easily understand these are the most powerful of the brawlers in the game and they are Crow, Leon and Spike.

Brawlers are designed in a way to make your journey in the game as a more fun one. So, unlock as much as you can to unlock the excitement within.